Friday, January 16, 2009

Short Takes

All Safe — everybody makes it out alive from the US Airways plane landing in the Hudson. What an amazing job of piloting. Authorities are looking into rumors that the crash was caused by a gang of terrorists from Canada: “Federal investigators are pursuing early indications that the jet was struck by Canada geese shortly after takeoff.”

“Grave mistake” — Israel shells a U.N. mission.

Fond Farewell on TV — Gil Grissom (William Petersen) signed off CSI last night. (Oh, yeah, someone else said goodbye, too.)

Hearings: A lot of confirmation hearings yesterday, including Eric Holder, Ken Salazar, and Janet Napolitano.

No Vindication — Steve Benen explains the real meaning of the FISA court ruling.

Another Paper in Trouble — the Minneapolis Star Tribune files for Chapter 11.

Bus Ad Raises Hackles — If they can’t even find common ground over this…