Friday, January 9, 2009

Short Takes

Pissing off the Red Cross is not the way to win friends and make your case.

Wetness out west — Flooding plagues western Washington state.

Some rumbles of discontent are heard from the Senate on Obama’s proposed stimulus package.

Another canard shot to hell: black voters did not pass Prop 8.

Citibank wants what? What makes them think they’re in the position to make demands?

Surprise! The owners of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer didn’t know the paper was for sale.

Irony of the Day: Former FEMA Director Michael “Heckuvajob” Brown evacuated from his home in Colorado because of a wildfire.

Classless — What color is the sky in Sarah Palin’s world?

He’s Not Appealing in any way; former Sen. Larry Craig is dropping his final appeal in his sex sting case. And he’s still not gay.

Mustaches — coming back into fashion. (Darn, I’m trendy again.)

Florida wins BCS.