Thursday, January 8, 2009

Short Takes

Overhaul — President-elect Obama wants to try his hand at revamping Social Security and Medicare. Good luck with that.

Another Country Heard From — Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel.

Sticking with Hardball — Chris Matthews won’t run for the Senate.

No Purple Heart for PTSD — The Pentagon rules out awarding the medal for those injured or killed because it isn’t a physical wound. Somehow that doesn’t seem right.

No Room — The White House booked Blair House with the Australian PM to keep the Obamas out.

Wreckage — Salon consults experts on the damage done to the country by the Bush administration.

B-Minus — Florida ranks #10 in the quality of public education. So there’s no reason to spend any more money on it, according to the state legislature…

No Juice — Florida pulls in the welcome mat to save money.

Hard Times — The porn industry seeks a federal bailout. (Go on, hit me with your best puns; Oddjob, Minstrel Hussain Boy, and the rest have already had their turn.)

Dense Fog Advisory — Miami is under a dense fog advisory this morning. I know the feeling…