Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Short Takes

Top Spook — Leon Panetta named to head CIA. Lots of reactions running hot and cold, but mostly a puzzled “huh”?

Real Justice — The Obama appointments to the Justice Department are quite a transition from the legacy of Alberto Gonzales and Monica Goodling.

Senate Seating — Al Franken is certified as the winner in Minnesota, Norm Coleman is suing; Roland Burris is in DC, but not certified.

Gaza — Israel moves in deeper.

It’s Worse — Florida’s money woes are getting worse. “Florida lawmakers began a grim budget-cutting session Monday with more bad news: the state’s deficit is likely $100 million bigger than expected and Florida leads the nation in food stamp requests.

Senate President Jeff Atwater opened the two-week budget-cutting session with a list of ‘sobering statistics’ that show Florida with a record number of home foreclosures, food stamp recipients and job losses that are placing more demands on state services, sending the budget deeper into the red.”

Boom — Police blow up a suspicious duffel bag near the Miami-Dade County Public Schools building. It made some people late for work and gave them something to talk about after the break.