Monday, January 5, 2009


As happens with all new things, we’re working through some kinks in the new template. So far the biggest issue is the commenting system. It’s a long and boring story about HaloScan, but to cut to the chase, we — my brother and I — have decided to dump the old HaloScan system since it was being gobbled up by JS-Kit. “New and improved” in computer-speak usually means “Beta and buggy” — some people found that they couldn’t register, or when they did, the comment system didn’t retain their ID so they had to re-register every time, which is a royal pain (we hear you, Steve). One of JS-Kit’s annoyances is that it trips firewall programs at certain locations so readers can’t read or submit comments. We’re now in the process of smoke-testing a new comment system offered by IntenseDebate, and if it passes muster, it will be installed in the near future… most likely today or tomorrow. (By the way, IntenseDebate does not trip the firewall blocker. Score one for that team already.)

As for the old comments from HaloScan, my brother reports that he was able to import all 16,000+ comments from the old system, all neatly indexed, to his computer and at some point he thinks he should be able to get all of them back where they were on the blog, assuming IntenseDebate has that feature. Meanwhile, feel free to comment away, but there is a chance that your bon mots may be lost in the transition, so you can either preserve them in your own system or wait until we’re settled in. Or you can drop me an e-mail.