Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Bit of Justice

Back in 2006, Leslie Hagen was let go from the Department of Justice after Monica Goodling, the Bush appointee in charge of All Things Good and Moral at DoJ, didn’t renew her contract. There was an internal investigation to determine whether or not Ms. Hagen was fired because Ms. Goodling heard rumors that she was a lesbian.

When the DoJ Inspector General report on Goodling was released in July 2008, it concluded that Goodling was motivated by Hagen’s perceived sexual orientation and “that Goodling’s actions violated Department policy and federal law, and constituted misconduct.”

There’s a happy ending to this story, however. As NPR reports, she’s got her old job back.

Last year, the Justice Department posted Hagen’s old job again. The department conducted a national search. Applications came in from around the country. After several rounds of interviews, Hagen eventually won the job.

The paperwork makes it official as of Monday, Feb. 2. Hagen now has her old position back, but this time it’s a little different. Her contract no longer comes up for renewal every year. Now, the job is permanent.

There’s no such thing as a perfect ending, since Ms. Hagen still has a lot of legal bills to pay as a result of the effort to get her good name back, but the re-hiring by the Obama administration probably help in the dignity department.