Thursday, February 26, 2009


Boatboy has an in-depth examination of some of the consequences of holding people at Gitmo and what they do when they’re finally acquitted or released because the U.S. couldn’t make the case against them. The problem is that they come out worse than they were than when they went in.

The US in particular needs to address the problem of reintegrating the detainees acquitted (either by the US or by their home nations) so that they can return to society without waging war on the West. Whether they were terrorists on their capture, the likelihood that they will be afterward is substantially higher thanks to their treatment, and the US must shoulder much responsibility for that and correct that as much as possible. Without such an effort, all the US will have done with those captured will be to have created even more “ticking time bombs.”

Go read the rest of his post, but what you’ll come away with — at least I did — is that one of the biggest problems we’ve created in fighting this Global War on Terror is that all we did was create a new supply of terrorists.