Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Blogaround

It’s been a very stimulating week. Let’s see what the LC has been talking about.

A Blog Around The Clock: DC press corps dissed again.
archy: talking about my generation.
Bark Bark Woof Woof on schoolyard discipline.
Bloggg: why is this person working?
Collective Sigh: Awwww….
Dohiyi Mir: teach-in.
Echidne Of The Snakes: lost lives.
Florida Progressive Coalition Blog: e-mail your senators about the stimulus package.
Left Is Right: spine time.
Musing’s musings: highway musings.
Pen-Elayne on the Web: bus sign fun.
Rook’s Rant: Donald Trump on the bailout.
rubber hose: Joe the GOP strategist.
– Scrutiny Hooligans
Speedkill: crazy fun.
Steve Bates, The Yellow Doggerel Democrat, on faith-based initiatives.
Stupid Enough Unexplanation: Rush and criticism.
The Invisible Library looks forward to the next few election cycles.
WTF Is It Now?? — Alberto Gonzales reflects on his legacy at DoJ.
…You Are A Tree — it’s everywhere…

Spring training starts soon…