Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Government Efficiency

Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA), the new Newt, has come out against President Obama’s plan to help the housing industry.

When you’re looking at the policy here, you’ve got to start with the fact that 93 percent of America’s families are current on their mortgages and, frankly, are out there wondering, you know, who is going to pay for this continued succession of bailouts? … We just cannot continue to pay for the kind of things that this administration thinks that we can. So, I’m very concerned about the direction I see us going, but I know that this president has continued to say he wants to work with us, and I hope we can get it right.

Small problem; the president hasn’t laid out the details of the plan yet. So Mr. Cantor is coming out against something he doesn’t know anything about yet. And as Think Progress notes, Mr. Cantor’s big objection to the just-enacted stimulus package was that it didn’t address the housing crisis.

You have to admire a Congressman who has decided to vote against something before it’s actually been proposed; that’s a really efficient way of governing. Or it could be just his way of political grandstanding.

HT to Steve.