Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mile-High Stupidity

Having spent a number of years in Colorado, I know that it’s a state that provides a rich mixture of political and social points of view. You have tofu/granola progressives in Boulder, whacky fundie right-wingers in Colorado Springs, and pragmatic small-town independents out on the Western Slope and the eastern plains. It has had its share of national political figures like Gary Hart on the left and Tom Tancredo on the right. Each side is capable of being embarrassing, but lately it’s been the right-wingers that have taken the stage. Notably, two state senators have made pronouncements that make you wonder what they’ve been slipping into that Rocky Mountain spring water.

It all started with Republican Scott Renfroe of Greeley, who got some attention for comments he made Monday about a bill that extends health benefits to same-sex partners of state employees. It’s “an abomination according to Scripture,” Renfroe said, according to the Colorado Independent, to “[take] sins and [make] them to be legally OK.”

Renfroe — apparently a magnanimous kind of guy — was willing to admit that homosexuality isn’t the only sin listed in the Bible. “I’m not saying this is the only sin that is out there. Obviously we have sin — we have murder, we have, we have all sorts of sin, we have adultery, and we don’t make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal,” he said.

No, but people like him get elected to office, and that’s an even bigger abomination.

And then there’s state Sen. Dave Schultheis, a Republican who cast the sole vote against a measure in the legislature to require testing of pregnant women — with their consent — for HIV. His explanation? It would lead to promiscuity.

Sexual promiscuity, we know, causes a lot of problems in our state, one of which, obviously, is the contraction of HIV. And we have other programs that deal with the negative consequences — we put up part of our high schools where we allow students maybe 13 years old who put their child in a small daycare center there.

We do things continually to remove the negative consequences that take place from poor behavior and unacceptable behavior, quite frankly, and I don’t think that’s the role of this body.

As a result of that I finally came to the conclusion I would have to be a no vote on this because this stems from sexual promiscuity for the most part.

The one saving grace about this gob-smacking revelation on the part of Mr. Shultheis is that he was the only one to vote against the bill, assuring us — somewhat — that he’s the only such idiot in elected office in the state who acts out on his breathtaking and misogynistic ignorance.

HT to Alex Koppelman.