Thursday, February 12, 2009

Point of Reference

Yesterday I told you about Fox News cutting and pasting a story from the Republican noise machine and running as one of their own news stories down to the point that they even included a typo in the original piece. When this was pointed out by a lot of people, Fox did what they do best: they acknowledged the incident without admitting fault and made it sound like they didn’t do anything wrong other than include the typo.

“Yesterday on Happening Now we showed you how the stimulus bill has grown over time. Our story prompted by a news release from the Senate Republican Communication Center. Their point that a $56 billion proposal in September has grown to $838 billion in five months. In compiling that story, our producers and researchers did what we always do — we verified the accuracy of the material. But in double checking the newspaper quotes referenced in that news release we made the same mistake they did. We labeled a Wall Street Journal article as having run in 2009 when in fact it was 2008. That was our error, and we apologize.”

There really isn’t much point in making a big deal out of this because it’s nothing new for Fox News to be little more than a house organ for the Republicans. The only reason it’s worth noting is because the next time the right wing noise machine proclaims that the “liberal media” is in the tank for the Democrats and President Obama, you can be sure that Fox will be leading the charge. This gives us a good point of reference.