Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roll On, Blogtopia

This weekend marks the beginning of the celebration of Blogroll Amnesty Day, which Jon Swift, the stalwart defender of non-A-list bloggers, helped create in response to, as he called it, “one of the darkest days in the blogosphere.”

The gist of it comes down to who links to whom in the blogosphere, and the perception by some big bloggers that they do not have an obligation to list every blog that asks them to be included at their Kool Kidz table. Mr. Swift, along with Skippy and Blue Gal, lead the rebellion on behalf of us smaller and underfoot blogs to get us noticed, and failing that, declare that anyone who wants to get listed by us would get due consideration.

My blogroll policy has always been, with very few limits, to welcome any blog to my blogroll that asks. I welcome blogs with different points of view, and I encourage readers to let me know of blogs that might be of interest to my readers; after all, the purpose of the blogroll is to inform the you, the reader, not just me. The exceptions are sites that are nothing but commercial ventures masquerading as blogs, or sites that are pornographic or hateful. The last two qualifications are purely subjective, but since it’s my blog, I get to decide what’s porn and what’s hate.

With the site redesign last month, my blogroll has moved off the front page, but it’s still easily accessible here, and with the new design, it’s basically unlimited. I only delete a blog when it’s clear that it is no longer active, and even then, I might leave it with hope that they might come back. So between now and the big day, Tuesday, February 3, feel free to make your suggestions as to new blogs or your own sites.

Blog on.

HT to Skippy for the cool illustration.