Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Short Takes

Daschle Out — HHS nominee Tom Daschle withdraws his name. Mike Madden and Hilzoy discuss what happened and why.

Taking the Rap — President Obama says he screwed up.

Gregg Takes Commerce — NH Sen. Judd Gregg will run the department he once voted to abolish.

It’s Our Money Now — Top bank execs would face salary caps if they get bailout funds.

Republican Governors Want It — The GOP in the House and Senate may be against the stimulus plan because… well, because they are, but at the state level they’re all for it.

Senate Shuffle — Florida’s Mel Martinez may be mulling an early exit, and Gov. Charlie Crist might run for the seat.

Perpetual Motions — Minnesota’s Senate race is taking on the aspects of a Minnesota winter. (Psst; hauling out Bush v. Gore doesn’t help, Norm.)

Another cold front heads for South Florida. We count our blessings; it could be this.