Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Short Takes

Eric Holder Confirmed — The Senate votes 75-21 to make Mr. Holder the first African-American Attorney General.

NH Sen. Judd Gregg will accept the nomination to be Secretary of Commerce. This has pissed off both the left and the right, so he’s probably what the president wants. And John Lynch, the governor of NH, promised to appoint a Republican to replace Mr. Gregg.

Tom Daschle explains his taxes and deeply apologizes.

Do Over? Norm Coleman wants a mulligan on the Minnesota Senate race.

Rendering — Hilzoy explains exactly what “rendition” is.

No Miracle on Flagler Street — Macy’s lays off 600 in their Florida operations.

Victory — Treasure hunters find a ship that sank in 1744 carrying four tons of gold coins. That should help the stimulus.

On This Date — February 3, 1959; the day the music died. Cue up another playing of American Pie.