Monday, February 2, 2009

Short Takes

Steelers Win Superbowl — If you watched, you knew that already. If you didn’t watch, you probably didn’t care.

No Rush for Repeal — The Obama administration wants to study DA/DT before it orders its repeal.

Iced Up — Kentucky slowly thaws out from ice storm.

Icebreaker — Iceland appoints a lesbian as Prime Minister.

Red Light, Green Light — Miami institutes stop lights at freeway entrance ramps. Given Miami’s traffic habits, they’ll be seen as decorative only.

Duuuude — Michael Phelps apologizes for being seen with a bong. His next commercial endorsement will be for Munchie Mix.

Where Michael Got His Stash — Reinforced border security hasn’t hindered the Mexican drug trade.

Groundhog Day — I don’t even know if we have groundhogs here in Florida.