Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tag, You’re It

In the continuing drama of commenting through JS-Kit, one of their features was the “WYSIWYG” (“What You See Is What You Get”) buttons, where you would highlight a word and click the B to make it bold, or the I to italicize, etc. However, those of us who are familiar with the HTML tags such as “< b >” and “< i >” and their counterparts “< / i >” and “< / b >” were using those instead of the buttons. That seemed to confuse poor JS-Kit, so I have disabled the WYSIWYG’s. Use the HTML tags to your heart’s content. Also, the tags for embedding a link work as well.

They’re still working on my ticket that deals with the random deletion of supposedly remembered log-in information. I’ll let you know when that’s taken care of.