Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where Are They? – Part II

Last week it was noted that the Republicans seemed to be hogging all the air time on cable TV:

Apparently the mindset goes something like this: when the Republicans are in charge, we need to hear from them because they’re the majority and they’re setting the agenda. Then when the Democrats are in charge, we need to hear from the Republicans because they’re the loyal opposition and it’s good for bipartisanship to hear what the other side is saying. Sheesh.

Steve Benen notes that the trend continues.

ThinkProgress reports today that during this week’s deliberations in the Senate, “Republican lawmakers outnumbered Democratic lawmakers 75 to 41 on cable news interviews by members of Congress (from 6am on Monday 2/2 through 11pm on Thursday 2/5).” It’s not quite as bad as last week, but it’s close.

Sheesh again.