Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Values

A rally in Tallahassee calls for the repeal of Florida’s law that bans adoption by gays or lesbians.

Gay rights advocates hope Hollywood can step in where Florida political muscle struggled.

Flanked by the nephew of Harvey Milk — the first openly gay city official in California, who was slain in 1978 — lawmakers and advocates pushed for changes to laws during a rally Monday outside the Capitol. Among other things, the changes would allow gays to adopt children.

”I think that the fact of the matter is, it’s really disheartening that we have one of the largest, most important, critical states in the country that still doesn’t have a fully inclusive, nondiscrimination law [for gay and transgender people],” said Broward County resident Stuart Milk.

You’re going to hear a lot of noise from the conservatives and the religious right spouting a lot of stuff and nonsense that the only way to raise a family is with a mommy and a daddy and picket fences and station wagons and all the other patriarchal stereotypes that they conger up. Failing that, they’ll imply that the only reason gays and lesbians want to adopt is so we can recruit more kids into the Radical Homosexual Agenda, which presumably includes hard-core redecorating and secular-humanist brunching. But their arguments ring hollow; love and responsible care are gender-neutral.

In all their scare tactics, however, they seem to forget the fact that there are thousands of children in Florida that are being bounced from foster home to foster home while there are plenty of gay/lesbian families that are ready and willing to take the children and relieve the state’s overwhelmed Department of Children and Families of the burden. The state schools and jails are full of men and women who could have been productive members of society if they had only had a place to call home for good. The irony of this situation — where the people who say they don’t trust the government to do anything well but expect it to raise children instead of placing them with loving and caring families — would be hilarious if there weren’t so many lives in the balance.