Monday, March 30, 2009

Gas Price Survey

What goes down must go up, right? I paid $2.15 for my first full tank of gas in the new Mustang this morning at the Marathon station on Old Cutler Road and SW 168th Street in Palmetto Bay. I saw it as low as $2.05 on Bird Road and US 1 in Coconut Grove on the way in. Last week we were looking at $1.99 at some of the discount stations around town.

So, how much are you paying?

On a related note, Citibank doubled the APR on my MasterCard. According to them, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my credit rating or my record of payment to them — which is spotless. No, it’s because of the “tough economic conditions” … that they helped cause. Talk about chutzpah.

I have a suggestion for them that involves a garden rake and certain body orifices. Failing that, how about taking some of the billions they got in bailouts from the taxpayers and putting it towards helping their customers instead of buying gold-plated commodes for their executive biffies?