Monday, March 9, 2009

Gas Price Survey

Time for the semi-regular survey of how much people are paying for gas around the country…assuming you can get through on the comments feature, which is still having hiccups here and there. (JS-Kit earnestly reports they’ve got their best people on it, so this is bit of a test to see if they are having any success.)

Anyway, what are you paying for gas in your town? I paid $2.05 at the Marathon on Old Cutler Road in Palmetto Bay this morning, and then I saw it for $1.97 at the Weststar on the corner of Douglas and US 1 in Coconut Grove. That beats the $3.30 I was paying about a year ago, though.

Apropos of this, Bob sent me a video of some guy who, through a bank error, paid $81 billion for a tank of gas. No, I don’t think he was driving a Hummer.