Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello, Pot? Kettle on Line 1

Karl Rove tells Fox News (who else) that he thinks the Obama administration is seeing “everything through a political perspective.”

ROVE: And it’s clear that this is — that this is the same old style politics that we grew to really dislike in the 1990s, when the White House thought everything through from a political perspective, road-tested it by running polls and focus groups and did everything with a very keen eye towards the politics of the matter, not what was in the best interests of the country.

How does this serve the country for us at this point when we’re discussing these big, vital things like the budget and health care and the stimulus bill and the omnibus spending bill – how does it well serve the country for this little sideshow concocted in the chief of staff’s office in the West Wing? Not very — not very useful.

Given Mr. Rove’s history, the only grounds he has to criticize the Obama administration’s political actions is that they’re not doing it as well as he did.