Monday, March 9, 2009

Question of the Day

Speaking of mass transit and cross-country trains

When was the last time you took a train trip, other than a light rail like a subway or commuter train?

Mine was in 1986 when AJP and I went from Florence, Italy, back to Luxembourg to fly home from our three weeks in Italy. We went overnight in a sleeper car, sharing a room with a nice family from Milan on their way to visit family in Belgium.

My first train trip was in 1964 when my brother and I took the Denver Zephyr overnight from Chicago to Denver to go to camp. We could have flown, but I think my parents wanted us to have the experience of the trip before trains became an obsolete form of long-distance travel. But even then, a lot of kids were on the train heading to camp, and so the camp experience began before we got there.