Saturday, March 28, 2009

Short Takes

Inside the Debate — How President Obama came to his decision on Afghanistan.

Fargo Braces — The Red River is expected to crest on Sunday.

Thousands mourn slain cops in Oakland.

More money for automakers.

Fish Story — Ample evidence that climate change is happening if you see where they’re catching fish from Florida.

Not So Bright? — Using compact fluorescent light bulbs take some adjustment. (Here’s some tips on how to use them correctly.)

ShamWow Dude Busted — Vince Shlomi, the extremely annoying pitchman for overpriced crap on late-night TV, is in trouble for his confrontation with a hooker in South Beach.

Tigers lose 3-2 to Braves. 9 days to Opening Day.

Saturday Morning Economics Lesson: Sesame Street explains Bernie Madoff.