Friday, March 27, 2009

Short Takes

Budget Battles — Not what you think; the Republicans are fighting among themselves over who gets credit for their “budget.” Who gets the blame?

The New Afghan Plan — The Obama administration will send more soldiers and civilian advisers to Afghanistan. (Good morning, Vietnam….)

Fargo Battles the River.

Harshing the Buzz — President Obama doesn’t think legalizing marijuana will help the economy. (Snack-food market plummets on the news.)

Finding the Funding — Florida may raise property taxes to pay for education.

Have a Belt — Broward County school promotes pull-up-your-pants-day.

Not a Prayer — Gov. Sarah Palin is still griping about the campaign last fall.

Have a Blast — Afghan suicide bomber blows himself up too early and takes six of his well-wishers with him at his farewell party. (“What’s this button do?”)

Tigers win 6-3 against the Devil Rays. 10 days until Opening Day.