Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short Takes

Budget Boosting — The president and House Democrats unveil their budget. Republicans whine but have no counteroffer.

Joined at the Hip — President Obama and Wall Street need each other.

Failure — Secretary of State Clinton says the drug war is a bust.

“It’s Only a Shanty in Old Shanty Town…” — The growth in homeless encampments catches cities by surprise.

He Won’t Be Back — Gov. Schwarzenegger says he’s not going to run for another office after 2011.

Vermont Veto — Gov. Jim Douglas threatens to veto the same-sex marriage law that hasn’t even been passed yet.

Dig This — Miami will find out soon if the Port of Miami truck tunnel will go forward.

Not So Much — “Version No. 3 of the governor’s Big Sugar buy is expected to net less than half the land for Everglades restoration but cut taxpayer costs.”

What a Jerk — Singer Elvis Crespo “doesn’t recall” masturbating on a flight from Houston to Miami.

Tigers trounce the Mets, 10-6. 11 days to Opening Day.