Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Short Takes

Zoom — Wall Street likes the new rescue plan. Well, they should; they basically dictated the terms of it.

Getting the Money Back — NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says most of the A.I.G. execs are going to give the money back.

Vermont and New York are moving towards marriage equality. (HT Shakesville)

It’s a Go — The Marlins get their stadium.

It’s Not Nice
to mock Mother Nature, Bobby — Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt proves why volcano monitoring is not such a bad idea, and makes Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal look like a fool for heaping scorn on the idea.

Don’t Piss Off Canada — Greg Gutfield on Fox dissed the Canadians last week, and the folks in the True North are not happy. Gutfield later issued a half-assed apology.

The Cards Never Lie — Miss Cleo, psychic and denizen of late-night TV commercials, is back … and out.

Tigers lose to Boston, 7-6. Two weeks to Opening Day…