Monday, March 16, 2009

Short Takes

Not In My Backyard — Europe may not play along with taking some prisoners from Gitmo, including their own citizens.

Torture Jails — “The International Committee of the Red Cross concluded in a secret report that the Bush administration’s treatment of al-Qaeda captives “constituted torture,” a finding that strongly implied that CIA interrogation methods violated international law, according to newly published excerpts from the long-concealed 2007 document.”

Your Tax Dollars at Work — A.I.G. lists the companies it paid off with federal bailout funds.

Finally — The space shuttle Discovery launches after several weeks of delay.

Losing Listeners — Conservative radio is on the wane in California.

Tiger Loses — That’s Tiger Woods, whose comeback from knee surgery to the golf tour was hampered by losing at Doral.

Tigers Win — Detroit 3, Washington 0. Three weeks to go to opening day.