Saturday, March 14, 2009

Short Takes

A Good Week on Wall Street — I wonder if George F. Will will give the president any credit for it.

What’s in a label? — They’re not “enemy combatants” but they’re still held indefinitely and without charge.

Minnesota Saga — The Coleman/Franken case finally goes to the judges.

“Don’t Listen to him; we’ll take it” — South Carolina legislature wants the stimulus money despite the governor’s grandstanding.

Va Cuba gets busy — A lot of people are calling the charter companies that are licensed to travel to Cuba now that the Bush-era rules are being relaxed.

Call the Wahh-mbulance — Jack Kelly of The Blade proves once again that he’s both a craven hypocrite and a thin-skinned whiner.

Tigers Beat: Mets 9, Tigers 3. 23 days and counting…

Saturday Cartoon — Tom Terrific.