Thursday, March 12, 2009

Short Takes

“Imperfect” — President Obama signs the omnibus bill with all those earmarks.

Yet another massacre — In Germany, high school boy kills 15, then himself.

Good for them and us all — the White House establishes a Council for Women and Girls.

Nuclear Feud — Florida Power & Light at loggerheads with top operator over procedure at the nuclear plant.

No Go — Shuttle launch delayed.

Barbarian at the Gate — Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) mixes it up with airport security.

“I’m a little pot-head” — Pre-schooler takes marijuana to school, which explains why snack-time became very popular.

Bye Bye Bristol — Sarah Palin’s daughter and boyfriend split up after baby was born. There; I have fulfilled my gossip quotient for the year.

Tigers Win — Tigers 7, Yankees 4 at Lakeland. Opening day is 25 days away.