Thursday, March 26, 2009

We’ll Be Greeted as Pigeons

From the e-mail junk mail box:

Hello my friend,

I am Mohammad Hazim an oil merchant in IRAQI, I would need you to help me out from an urgent situation, which the almighty Allah will bless you as you listen to my cry to respond back to me immediately so I can give you details on how you can help me out. I have a lucrative business proposal of mutual interest to share with you.

Please I would appreciate to receive your urgent response at the below email.

Email: mohammadhaziim @

May the almighty Allah be with you

Mohammad Hazim.

I guess things are getting better in Iraq if the spam-scammers think they can sucker in people with the old Nigerian 419 ploy but doing it from Iraq. (One small problem: Mohammad’s e-mail address is based in Hong Kong.)

I guess this con must be working or the vultures would have moved on to something else, but I can’t imagine that anyone is truly that gullible — or greedy — to fall for it. But I guess there’s one born every minute.