Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days Presser

For those of you who were watching Fox broadcast “Lie to Me,” (oh irony, where is thy sting?) and skipped the president’s prime time news conference, Josh Marshall has the ticktock on it.

My impression was that here’s a man with a hell of a lot coming at him and he’s handling it well, at least on the outside — calm, cool, occasionally able to make a joke, and still able to manage a lot of detail. The guy is Wonk Personified but not too narrowly focused that he can’t grasp the overall picture. He has a deft touch, and if he can make self-deprecating remarks and yet come across as completely in control, that says he’s not in over his head. It’s no wonder that the GOP is in full-tilt freak mode, throwing everything they can at him and blaming him for all their woes. But the president isn’t buying it

“To my Republican friends, I want them to realize that me reaching out to them has been genuine,” he said. “If I’m taking some of your ideas and giving you credit for good ideas, the fact that you didn’t get 100 percent can’t be a reason every single time to oppose my position. And if that is how bipartisanship is defined, a situation in which basically, wherever there are philosophical differences, I have to simply go along with ideas that have been rejected by the American people in a historic election, you know, we’re probably not going to make progress.”

It’s a good bet the 61% of the electorate that give him their approval aren’t buying it, either.