Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bye Bipartisanship

Just looking at the last week’s news and what’s been put forth by the Republicans in their attempt to stay relevant…

— Labeling a 4% increase in the defense budget as “gutting the military,”

— Proposing an alternative budget with no numbers and then calling for a spending freeze in the middle of a recession,

— Making the biggest news story of the week in the Orcosphere a study in how the president greeted the Saudi king (hint: he at least didn’t walk hand-in-hand through the garden with him),

— Being lectured by Karl Rove on “politicizing the White House” and “telling the truth,”

— Getting behind an Astro-turfed movement to litter the rivers and harbors with tea bags to protest President Obama’s largest middle-class tax cut in history… and desperately needing to learn to keep current with what “tea-bagging” means to a lot of people,

— And doing the same for the anti-gay movement….

Is it any wonder why President Obama and the Democrats have basically given up on trying to do things in a bipartisan manner? The simple truth is that they probably couldn’t get through a meeting with the GOP without laughing out loud at them.