Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ten years ago today was a terrible day in Denver, and there were tributes and memorials for the victims of the assault at Columbine High School throughout the state and at a lot of other places around the country.

I hold all of them and their friends and families in the Light.

But I’d also like to remember that the name “Columbine” comes from the state flower of Colorado, a beautiful white and lavender bloom that dots the meadows and fields in the Rocky Mountains. It’s an amazing flower; it grows in a terrain that is anything but delicate and garden-like; snow falls on the mountains every month of the year, and while the bloom itself may look fragile, the flower grows in all sorts of places, including up through the cracks in the boulders along the high mountain trails. And while we can’t — and must not — forget the people who died on that day, I hope that we remember that even after the toughest winter and deep ice, the columbine grows back stronger every year. And so, I hope, will we.