Thursday, April 16, 2009

Give It Up, Norm

Voters in Minnesota are telling former Sen. Norm Coleman to concede that he lost the election last November.

By a 63%-37% margin, voters say that Coleman should concede the race, rather than continue to appeal. After being reminded by the pollster that Minnesota currently has only one Senator, they say by a 59%-41% margin that Franken should be seated immediately, rather than allow the seat to stay vacant. And by a 59%-41% margin, they say that Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty should sign a certificate of election.

The people have spoken, both at the polls in November 2008 and now through the judiciary, yet Mr. Coleman persists. He and his supporters say it’s a matter of making sure that every vote counts and it nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Mr. Franken would represent the 59th Democrat in the Senate and therefore be one more vote for President Obama’s agenda. Oh, no, nothing at all like that.

Yeah, right.