Sunday, April 26, 2009

Greetings from D-27

We’re on a two-hour layover in DFW. The Old Professor has stepped outside to have a cigarette or two before we get on the plane to Miami. I’ve already finished the left-over Saturday crossword puzzle, and T-Moble wifi is $5.99 for a day pass, so what the heck.

As is always the case, the longer the layover at DFW, the closer your gates are; the shorter the connection, the longer the run — usually via the Skylink train — and the clumsier your luggage is. We arrived at D-20, so it took us all of three minutes to get from our arrival gate to the next stop.

DFW gets a bad rap as an airport to pass through, but compared to some places I’ve had to spend a useless hour, the D terminal here is nice and comfortable. The only improvements I would recommend are a smoking lounge inside security — Miami International has that — and a similar soundproof room where parents could take their children who insist on screaming at the exact pitch that sets off car alarms and makes the welkin ring. I know travel is stressful for infants, and I know that parents suffer all the more with cranky children and the hassles of travel. I’d be willing to pay a little extra in airfare to provide those spaces for them — and us.

Okay, we’re off to find something to eat that doesn’t cost more than a flight to Bermuda.