Friday, April 24, 2009

Have a Banana…

The latest Republican meme against President Obama — and I’ve lost count which one this is — is that he’s running a “banana republic.” (No, not the clothing store.) This was created by — who else — Karl Rove, and now it’s being repeated on the floor of the Senate.

McCain: “In Banana Republics they prosecute people for actions they didn’t agree with under previous administrations.”

Bond: “This whole thing about punishing people in past administrations reminds me more of a Banana Republic than the United States of America. We don’t criminally prosecute people we disagree with when we change office. There are lots of questions that could have been asked of the Clinton administration failing to recognize the war on terror. They did not. The Bush administration went forward, and that’s the way our country should. The President said he was going to be forward looking and now he has opened up the stab in the back.”

As Steve Benen explains,

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a “Banana Republic” is an accountable chief executive who ignores the rule of law when it suits his/her purposes. The ruling junta in a “Banana Republic” eschews accountability, commits heinous acts in secret, tolerates widespread corruption, and generally embraces a totalitarian attitude in which the leader can break laws whenever he/she feels it’s justified to protect the state.

Does any of this sound familiar?