Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Joy in Wingnuttia

The right wingers are issuing another call to arms:

At what point do the people tell the politicians to go to hell? At what point do they get off the couch, march down to their state legislator’s house, pull him outside, and beat him to a bloody pulp for being an idiot?

At some point soon, it will happen. It’ll be over an innocuous issue. But the rage is building. It’s not a partisan issue. There is bipartisan angst at out of control government made worse by dumb bans like this and unintended consequences like AIG’s bonus problems.

What is it this time? Fluoridated water? Teaching evolution in schools and banning prayer around flagpoles? Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dress?

Nope. Dishwashing liquid. Spokane County in Washington has banned the use of phosphates in detergents because they cause algae to grow in precipitous numbers in lakes and rivers where treated waste water is discharged, thus creating more water pollution. This, apparently, is the tipping point for the people over at Red State. They’re threatening armed insurrection because their Joy is phosphate-free, and there’s a growing smuggling operation underway in the Evergreen State to import the good stuff from other counties that are less eco-conscious.

Were I in Washington State, I’d be cleaning my gun right about now waiting to protect my property from the coming riots or the government aparatchicks coming to enforce nonsensical legislation.

And the Republicans wonder why they can’t get people to take them seriously any more.

HT to Michael at Pushing Rope.