Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recommended Reading

Boatboy has some thoughts on same-sex marriage (SSM) and what changing the rules may do for more than just Teh Gay people.

It occurs to me, though, that there’s a reason for the marriage issue is so big for the RWNM [Right Wing Noise Machine] that’s not being discussed all that much.

Living in SW Florida, I run into all sorts. One of the types I try to avoid is the “married but playful” kind: the ones that are stepping out on their spouses to indulge their preferences on the down-low. It’s messy for them, it’s uncomfortable for me and it’s dishonest on both parts to carry on anything more than a one-night stand under those conditions. Quite frankly, I won’t knowingly have anything to do with it. However, the number of folks I meet who do or will is startling.

The RWNM has long presented civil rights issues as a zero-sum game: more for you is less for me. The idea of an expanding set of civil rights – indeed, of rights in any sense – seems alien to them. They did this with civil rights based on race and sex, and they’ve done it more than a few times based on sexual identity.

In the SSM case, my hypothesis is this: many of the naysayers are acquainted with more than a few married couples who aren’t straight, and legalisation of SSM would drive them to divorce their spouses and marry their partners.

This is offensive on a number of levels.

Read the rest of it and see if you don’t agree.