Sunday, April 19, 2009

Short Takes

Iranian Justice — Iranian-American woman sentenced to eight years for “espionage.”

Supreme Rights — “The Supreme Court has an opportunity to reaffirm or reshape the nation’s civil rights laws as it faces a rare confluence of cases over the next two weeks, including a high-profile challenge brought by white firefighters who claim they lost out on promotions because of the ‘color of their skin.'”

Denver remembers Columbine ten years later.

Less — The Florida state legislature cuts maintenance funding for public schools.

He’s Back — Theocrat Roy Moore wants to be the governor of Alabama.

GOP Going Gay? — Former McCain adviser Steve Schmidt warns the Republicans to lighten up on anti-gay rhetoric if they want to win votes. (I think that ship has sailed.)

Yankees Get Clobbered — In a record-setting game, the Indians beat the snot out of the Bronx Bombers.

Tigers win in Seattle.