Saturday, April 18, 2009

Short Takes

Obama and Chavez shake hands at summit meeting in Trinidad. “I’d like to be your friend,” said Mr. Chavez. Really? Prove it.

Cuba’s not at the summit, but everyone’s talking about Raul Castro’s “everything’s on the table” statement.

Gas Monitoring — The EPA gets the power to regulate greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide.

Former McCain aide is telling the Republicans to back same-sex marriage. I’m guessing it’s all about the votes.

Good-Time Charlie — Gov. Crist doesn’t have a really busy schedule unless you consider going to a basketball game and hanging out on the set of Burn Notice in Coconut Grove.

More Muscle — the 2010 Mustang is a bit sleeker than the previous version. It’s still hot.

Tigers lose 6-3 in Seattle. Historically they don’t do well on the West Coast.

Saturday Morning TVFury

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