Friday, April 3, 2009

Short Takes

G20: It went well, don’t you think?

Budget Passes — $3.5 trillion sounds like a lot of money.

Blagojevich Indicted — Nineteen counts against the former Illinois governor and his brother and business partners. Look for the wingnuts to try to link this to the president.

Mexican Standoff — Not much progress in talks between the US and Mexico over how to deal with the drug cartels.

Alaska GOP wants a new election now that Sen. Stevens is off the hook. And I want to reconsider my Super Bowl bet on the Lions last year.

Summer deals — The recession and lower oil prices get the airlines to offer low fares.

Not just Bernie Madoff’s boat — a lot of people are losing their watercraft to the repo man.

Sounds like fun: Little Richard and Chuck Berry perform for an L.A. benefit.

Two new stadiums open today — The new homes of the Yankees and the Mets host exhibition games.

Tigers beat the Jays 8-5 with three days to go before Opening Day.