Thursday, April 2, 2009

Short Takes

London Calling — President Obama meets with the G20 today in London.

Nuclear Disarming — Obama and Russia’s Medvedev report progress… and finally we have a president who can pronounce “nuclear.”

Still Too Close to Call — The lead held by Scott Murphy (D) narrowed a bit in the vote tally in upstate New York. The GOP is planning to challenge the results.

Boring — The $1 billion Miami truck tunnel project goes back to the drawing board.

Clouds over Sun-Times — Another paper files for Chapter 11.

Seizure — The feds scoop up Bernie Madoff’s boat and house in South Florida.

The Ed Show — Radio talker Ed Schultz gets his own hour on MSNBC.

Guiding Light to go dark — The longest-running soap opera will call it quits in September.

Tigers lose 9-4 to Braves; 4 days to go.