Thursday, April 2, 2009

What About Don?

As I noted yesterday, the dropping of the indictments against former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) raised the question of what about other people — notably former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman — also prosecuted by the same Justice Department.

“There seems to be substantial evidence of prosecutorial and other misconduct in my case, that would dwarf the allegations in the Stevens case,” the former Alabama governor told TPMmuckraker …

Referring to Attorney General Eric Holder, Siegelman said that while he supports the Stevens decision, “I hope that [Holder] will take a look at some of the other cases that are buried on his desk.”

If the Obama Justice Department is truly interested in pursuing the case, they might also look into who was behind pushing for the prosecution of Mr. Siegelman in the first place (see: Rove, Karl).

And, as he has before, Siegelman framed his case as part of a wider effort to get to truth about politicization of the Justice Department during the Bush years. “Who at the Department of Justice abused their power, and why?” he asked. “Was Karl Rove directing the show?”

The “loyal Bushies” have already admitted as much. Now let’s prove it.