Saturday, May 23, 2009

Class Act

Earlier this week, RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that from now on, the Republicans would challenge President Obama and the Democrats directly.

The honeymoon is over. We are going to challenge those policies that we believe are wrong, and we are going to do so without apology and without a second thought.

But there is a very important distinction I want to make here.

We are going to take this president on with class. We are going to take this president on with dignity. This will be a very sharp and marked contrast to the shabby and classless way that the Democrats and the far left spoke of President Bush.

This, then, must be an example of what he was talking about when he said “class” and “dignity.”

She’s the 69-year-old speaker of the House of Representatives, second in the line of succession and the most powerful woman in U.S. history.

But when you see Nancy Pelosi, the Republican National Committee wants you to think “Pussy Galore.”

At least that’s the takeaway from a video released by the committee this week – a video that puts Pelosi side-by-side with the aforementioned villainess from the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger.”

The RNC video, which begins with the speaker’s head in the iconic spy-series gun sight, implies that Pelosi has used her feminine wiles to dodge the truth about whether or not she was briefed by the CIA on the use of waterboarding in 2002. While the P-word is never mentioned directly, in one section the speaker appears in a split screen alongside the Bond nemesis – and the video’s tagline is “Democrats Galore.”

Cute. But I thought they said they were going to be direct. So why didn’t they just come out and say “Nancy Pelosi is a c*nt” and leave it at that?

Oh… it wouldn’t be classy.

(To be fair, Mr. Steele said the GOP would take on the president with class and dignity. Anybody else, however, must be fair game.)