Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinner with a Friend

Last evening I met up with upyernoz, the keeper and voice behind the blog rubber hose and one of the charter members of the Liberal Coalition. He’s in town for a conference at a swanky hotel out on Miami Beach, so when I swung into the driveway and was descended upon by a crowd of valets wanting to open my door and whisk my car away, I felt like a celebrity… and was glad I was at least presentable in the Mustang with the top down rather than an old beater.

We had already planned to indulge in another unique Miami experience; dinner at Versailles, the venerable restaurant on Calle Ocho that is the center of life for many people in Little Havana. The food was plentiful and good (arroz con pollo for him, “ropa vieja” for me, followed by cafe con leche), and it gave us a chance to find out that after five years or so of reading each other’s blogs, we knew a lot about each other and had a lot of mutual friends (Hey, NTodd….), and we shared our experiences dealing with the pressures of blogging, trolls, blogging about work (neither of us do), and all the things that friends know they have in common.

After dinner it was still light out, so I took ‘noz on a tour of the area, swinging through my old neighborhood in Coral Gables (my old house has been nicely painted, landscaped, and is still for rent), then a drive-through of the University of Miami campus, including past the Ring Theatre, my old hang-out when I was a student there 35 years ago. Then it was back to Miami Beach and a cruise up Ocean Drive through the Art Deco district to give ‘noz the complete tour of the sights.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of my fellow bloggers, and it’s always been fun and enlightening. It was also great to meet someone whom I’ve felt I’ve gotten to know so well over the last five years.

Thanks, ‘noz; have a safe journey home, and come back any time.