Monday, May 11, 2009

Gas Price Survey

I filled up for $2.25 yesterday at the usual spot — the Marathon on the corner of SW 168th Street and Old Cutler Road in Palmetto Bay. Good thing I did; it was $2.29 this morning, and that seems to be the prevailing price here in South Florida; at least along US 1. I assume that this is part of the trend with oil prices getting up over $57 a barrel just in time for the summer holiday travel season.

As a historical note, I was reading posts from a year ago. I paid $3.77 on May 13, 2008, and at the end of the week, when I was out in Los Angeles for my niece’s graduation, it was $3.91 out there.

What’s it going for in your neck of the woods? And are you driving less than you used to?