Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, Christ

Red State blogger Erick Erickson thinks Rush Limbaugh, whom he perceives is under attack from fellow right-wingers, is comparable to Jesus Christ.

Peter, under pressure and fear, denied Christ not just once, but three times. Peter, though, feared death. The strain on Peter was great. The rest of us, though, typically fear the opinions of others.

There are those who like it when we feel guilty for associating with someone. More troubling, in the conservative movement and in the greater right-of-center coalition, there are many, many fellow traveller who would rather spend their time throwing their own under the bus than fighting the left…

The incidents of late with Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Dick Cheney, and others is why I raise this. Putting it bluntly, were these guys on the left, their fellow leftists would at best be cheering them on and at worst silently nodding along. There wouldn’t be any on that side rushing to the nearest microphone to condemn them…

As an aside, perhaps an even greater bother are the high minded types on our side who condemn any level of aggressive activism because it is icky, mean, or beneath us. There is a war going on. We fight. Suck it up.

I’m pretty sure that even a casual follower of Christianity would find it pretty creepy to hear their Lord and Savior compared to a flaming gasbag in a glass booth. Not to mention the fact that it’s tough finding a crown of thorns that will fit over that inflated head of his.