Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short Takes

Take That, Citibank — The credit card bill passes the Senate.

Overwhelming Wuss-Out — The Senate votes 90-6 to withhold funding for closing Gitmo.

Iran tests a Missile — and it could hit Israel.

Baghdad Bombing — at least 34 dead.

$21 Billion — is how much California is in the hole now that the budget referendums failed to pass.

RNC thinks better of the label “Democrat Socialists.” They’re mulling over “Poopyhead.”

SCOTUS Interview — President Obama sits down with Judge Diane Wood.

Cheap Cars — Now is the time to buy a Chrysler for half off.

Ka-ChungLaw & Order gets renewed for its 20th season.

beat Texas 5-3; they have won their last five and lead the division by 2.