Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Short Takes

Credit Relief — The Senate passes the credit card reform bill 90-5. Take that, Citibank. (New rules here.)

Not Reassuring — The CIA can’t keep their stories straight.

Gitmo Cave — The Democrats cave to Republican bluster and refuse to fund closing of Gitmo. Hey, you guys won. Act like it.

The Right to Arm Bears — The Senate adds an amendment to the credit card bill to allow guns in national parks.

35.5 MPG by 2016.

Hubble telescope repairs finished, the astronauts send it off to continue its mission.

No Surprise — Charlie Crist is ahead in the 2010 Florida Senate race.

Mucho Dinero — Charter flights to Cuba, which take 45 minutes, can cost $600.

Tigers beat Texas 4-0.