Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Short Takes

Rain, rain — It finally rained in South Florida last night.

Special envoy — Former President Bill Clinton is tapped by the UN to Haiti.

California Dreamin’ — The EPA wants to adopt California’s strict standards for auto emissions and fuel efficiency across the nation.

Across the spectrum — The GOP is losing voters everywhere except in their base of the far right and weekly church-goers.

Hubble Back in Focus — The space telescope is running well again thanks to the astronauts.

Bill McCollum is running to replace Charlie Crist as Florida governor.

No teacher layoffs planned in Miami-Dade next year even as they tighten the budget even more.

Cops on the street — Broward County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office lays off staff and 48 deputies.

Tigers had the night off, the Marlins got rained out, and Seattle lost to the Angels (my brother and niece were there to see it).